« Give your mind the right instructions
to serve your happiness and experience of infinity.
Talk to your mind through your neurochemistry.
And stimulate your neurochemistry
through the right use of your physical body.
That is exactly what Kundalini Yoga is about. »

Online classes

Kundalini Yoga with Ram Singh

Every week, Ram Singh teaches an exclusive lunchtime Kundalini Yoga classes:

On Fridays, 12.15-14.00 CET (Central European Time - Paris)

The class is open to all, but it is designed for Kundalini Yoga certified teachers, teachers in training, and trainers.

Expect original kriyas and meditations with a scientific twist, comments and recommendations for professional teachers, live music, inner silence... and fun!

Book a class

  • Send us an email ( to receive the Zoom link
  • You can book your class up to 30 minutes before it starts.
  • Make sure to be online 5 to 10 minutes before the class.
  • Breathe in... we're connected!

Happy fees, donation based

Different countries have different economies and standards of living.

Therefore this class is donation based, so you can participate wherever you are from.

Need suggestions? Then think of how much you would afford for a coffee in your country (okay, even if you don't drink coffee...): multiply it by 5, and just donate that.

Best practice

Set yourself for an online Kundalini experience

Recommendations for an online Kundalini experience:

  • prepare your yoga mat, blanket, cushion...
  • choose a calm spot, where you won't be disturbed;
  • make sure you have enough wifi signal or a good internet connection.

And as usual:

  • practice Kundalini Yoga preferably with an empty stomach
  • choose cosy clothes, made of natural fibers (cotton, linen, hemp, etc.);
  • a water bottle close at hand is always a good idea;
  • respect the sacred space off the class: all phones should be on flight mode, or turned off.

Nous trouver à Toulouse

30 allée de Barcelone 31000 Toulouse
à l'angle de l'allée de Barcelone et de la rue Lancefoc

Métro Compans Caffarelli (ligne B)
+33 6 03 60 80 83 (Gururavi Kaur)

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